9 January 2019


For its relaunch, Lesieur’s Isio 4 oil comes out with a new campaign to clarify a promise that has become blurred over time.

Nominated the new creative agency for Lesieur’s brands (Groupe Avril) since September 2018, Young & Rubicam Paris unveils its first campaign for the agri-food group.

A strategic approach that announces a return to basics : for Isio 4, « everything starts from 4 seeds ». A unique recipe that provides essential nutrients to the body.

A new promise that brings the brand back to its true value, and resonates with the strong expectations in the food industry : 9 out of 10 consumers are indeed seeking more transparency and “good for health” products (Kantar 2018 study).

 Y&R Paris has thus brought together the beneficial nature of Isio 4 and Lesieur expertise, through a film that mixes real and 3D images, transporting us from the field to the flower, from the flower to the seed, and from the seed to the oil.

The 25s film is broadcast in TV and replayed on the Isio 4 website from January the 7th, for a duration of 1 month. The TV commercial will also be visible in Malta and Iceland, where the brand is present as well.

Link : https://youtu.be/LIT5o5YXFCI

About Isio 4 (Lesieur brand):

Lesieur is a French agri-food company founded in 1908. It is a major player in the oil and sauces sector. Lesieur owns several brands including Isio 4, created in 1990. Isio 4, the leader of the combined oils french market, was the first oil combining four complementary seed varieties.

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