25 June 2018


Cécile Balut (Commercial Director Bel International and Volvic EMEA) and Nicolas David (strategic planner) have joined us lately.

Cécile Balut come from Hérézie where she leads the deployment of integrate campaigns for Unilever, Harmonie Mutuelle, Harrys, Materne and, recently, Coca-Cola after she leads a winning competition. She was for ten years straight at Leo Burnett working on budget like Intermarché, Prisma Media and Lindt. She was in charge of the budgets Big Cause of the agency, including “Ne Serait-ce qu’une Seconde” for the Mimi Foundation (18 creative awards and a Grand Prix Stratégies).

Nicolas come from DigitasLBI where he was a Strategic Planner for Nissan.
Before that, after his beginning as Community Manager, he worked at Fullsix, Promiximity BBDO (Oreo, Carte Noire, Tassimo and LU), Buzzman (Perrier, Burger King, 1664, Canal Play and Mondelez) and BETC Digital (Ferrero).

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