14 June 2018


Cécile Lejeune is the new CEO of Y&R since two months. A new team for a new start in 4 key points :

Building and supporting strong brands is in Y&R’s DNA. The brand is, more than ever, the key to sell. Example : tomorrow, I will order via Alexa a pack of water… or a Volvic pack. It is important for Y&R to capitalize on this expertise and to reinforce it. And obviously, at the heart of our thinking, we put our trademark, the Brand Asset Valuator, which results will be published this summer.

Our obligation is to make advertising loved again. Today, the ads are seen as intrusive by 66% percent of French people and 25% of them have an Ad Blocker. If the creation must serve the brands, it has to keep in mind to develop the adopted communications and not the rejected ones. To do so, Jérémie Bottiau, Head of the Creation/Executive Creative Director, wants to find new creatives process, way more “open source” by working with different profiles, with different formats and different timings.

We have to use data wisely. With a single objective in mind : to synchronize the brands with the peoples’ life, at the perfect time, the perfect place and with the right way. Our Strategic Planning has developed a new work’s methodology based on the construction of a People Journey vs. a Customer Journey, to build beyond the unique time of purchasing. And to make it happen, the key is to succeed to keep the pace with the life of people and to be able to work in a structured and flexible way by strengthening our production capacities, on the inside, with the creation of a content factory, allowing a faster, simpler and more economic implementation.

In conclusion, the goal for Y&R, regarding the new market players, is to be aligned simultaneously as a big agency able to build big brands, and as a little agency flexible and creative, able to transform when needed.

Find her interview with Forbes in the tweet below :

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