12 September 2018

Survey BAV® French Edition 2018 Y&R Paris present the Top 50 of the most powerful brands in France

SAMSUNG take the 1st place.


Since 25 years, the BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV®) evaluate the power of brands from a consumers’ point of view.

This analysis tool of brands’ perception is the most important/relevant of the world: 59000 brands studied according to 75 key metrics, in 54 countries and for a total investment of 160M$. Within 25 years, it’s more than 9,8 billions of datas collected on the brands values, their abilities to generate growth of tomorrow.

Top 50 of the most powerful brands in France

This year a panel of 13 390 french consumers on the brands’ perception (1200 brands in 80 categories – survey made by Lightspeed between 2018 April and June)

Cecile Lejeune, CEO of Y&R Paris sayed : « The Top 50, edition 2018, confirm the power of technological brands as Samsung which take the first (n°1) followed by Google (n°2), Amazon (n°3). Netflix show the strongest growth by earning 111 places. PayPal stand outs as the only financial brand of the ranking and we notice a « French bravo » with Decathlon (n°5).

Ranking 2018


The major highlights 2018

  • Netflix sign the strongest growth of the year and directly stand out at the 42 position (+111 places)
  • Decathlon French n°1, rise at n°5 position, showing a  growth of 12 places
  • Paypal is the only financial brand : it wins 14 places and stand out at the 8 place.
  • Le Boncoin is the 1st retailer after Amazon but in front of the rest of the retailers taking the 30 position of the ranking.
  • Apple represent the strongest fall, losing 12 places to move at the 15 position

Others learnings

  • Food category : Coca Cola lose 7 places to stant out at the 26 place of the Top 50.
  • Automotive category : Volkswagen is the 1st brand ranking 28 position. To note the 14th place of Dyson – Not still known of the general public for their projects in terms of electric cars, but which build on it for mid-term.
  • Retail category : the biggest progression goes to Lidl who gained 85 ranks. They are now ranked 44 and show that they are more than just a hard-discount brand.

WPP group launches BAV Consulting in France: an independent entity which proposes Brand & Business Consulting based on 10 billions of BrandAsset® Valuator’s datas :

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