19 April 2018


Y&R Paris accompanies the launch of L’Impatience, the French lingerie brand that makes time the ally of its games.

Playing with the laws of attraction, cultivating imagination, waiting, and finally falling for it… L’Impatience, new lingerie brand that was born in Paris, has chosen to make time the ally of its games. The time during which a woman will let desire grow – her partner’s and hers… When the seduction game will have reached its climax, the L’Impatience garments will unable partners to remove them in the blink of an eye.
Made of a playful elegance, the collections of this new lingerie brand have been thought to allow one to remove them as quickly as one wants thanks to an ingenuous system of bows and snap buttons.

Each of the collections is enriched with playsuits, kimonos and bodies that can be taken off in the blink of an eye, as one desires, and completed with accessories such as bracelets and chokers, that aim to cultivate desire and kindle partners to bring the tension to its climax… before being removed in the blink of an eye, when things get impatient.

To promote this launch, L’Impatience has relied on Y&R Paris, who’s imagined a never seen before music video on YouTube : « Time Is Pleasure »

At first – or rather at its normal speed – it unveils the story of an attractive couple setting up to spend some quality time together. Nothing revolutionary, right? Yet, the viewer senses there’s something not quite right, little teases that aren’t quite fulfilled. And they’re right. That’s why, at the end of the video, they are invited to switch the speed setting, and watch it again at a slower speed… to really get why Time is Pleasure.

Thanks to this never done before « hacking » of the YouTube speed functionality, the brand aims to prove that time is really the ally of pleasure: the more you wait, the better it gets.

The music video has been directed by Davin Black (production: Popp Rok – Apollo Studios) and produced in Toronto, Canada. The music is an original composition and has been particularly crafted to embrace the different lengths of time of the video.

To complete the campaign, Y&R Paris has also created a set of candles that is literally time-incarnate: born to consume during different lengths of time to arouse the playfulness of partners by getting them to stay at the crossroads of thought and action, longing and satisfaction, until the chosen candle was completely burnt. These sets of candles will reward the 50 first clients of the online shop www.limpatience.com, as well as a selection of influencers.

A podcast channel, « The Gutsy Interviews » (soundcloud.com/limpatiencelingerie), gives access to conversations with men, women, couples and inspiring personalities that question sensuality and awaken one’s imagination. Everything adding up to put one’s patience on trial before starting the big game.

Last, but not least, a PR and influencer campaign is being released with the support of PPR, the PR agency of WPP.

The campaign will be broadcasted in France from the 18th of April on YouTube, PR and through social networks.



 The Timeless collection, imagined to be as sensual as it is timeless, mingles Calais lace and satin from Italy to an ingenuous system of snap buttons (nickel free, to ensure comfort on the skin) for daring front openings.

Ruled by a playful elegance, each garment of the collection, such as the « 9 minutes, 46 seconds » bra, suggests the time one will spend with it before falling for it.

In no Time at All, the second collection, plays with irreverence and panache. Made of Japanese lace and satin from Italy, it places the tension in its refined bows, to be tied and untied when things get impatient.


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