3 October 2018

With the Paris Motor Show soon to begin, Y&R Paris unveils the BrandAsset® Valuator France 2018 rankings showcasing the most powerful brands in the industry

Volkswagen is number one.

Toyota has made the best progress.


For 25 years, the BrandAsset® Valuator has assessed how consumers rate brands’ power.

This brand perception analysis tool is the biggest in the world: 59,000 brands are evaluated using 75 key indicators across 54 countries and for total investment of $160 million.

In the past 25 years, over 9.8 billion pieces of data have been collected exploring brands’ value and capacity to generate future growth.

With the Paris Motor Show 2018 about to open its doors, here are the BrandAsset® Valuator top 10 most powerful brands in the automotive sector (Lightspeed and Kantar Group analysis – April to June 2018):

Despite the “dieselgate” scandal of 2015, Volkswagen tops the list of the most powerful brands in its sector and even climbs 11 places.

Toyota makes the best progress, jumping 12 places to come fifth in the rankings.

Just one French brand makes the top five: Renault, which has risen from eighth to second place.

The most “innovative” brands, a key value driver in the automotive sector:

This year, with the 120th Paris Motor Show, innovation is in the limelight more than ever. As a result, the BrandAsset® Valuator focused on those brands seen as most “innovative” by the French:

Tesla topped the table in this area. Elon Musk’s firm still leads the sector when it comes to innovation, despite the annus horribilis it is currently enduring.

Tesla and Toyota were the two brands seen as most “visionary” and “open to progress” by the French in 2018. This is unsurprising, given that Tesla is THE electric car brand par excellence and Toyota is relying heavily on its hybrid cars.

Only French brand in the “innovation” top 10: DS Automobiles

This is to be expected, given that it is a new brand.

The French do not seem to be aware of Renault’s innovative work on electric cars as the brand comes in a poor eighteenth.

With innovation a key value driver in the automotive sector, the lack of French car brands in these rankings certainly raises questions.

Car services: tomorrow’s value driver

Services provided to car drivers are another key area for the coming years. This is because nobody will own a car in future: instead, we will all be renting car services from brands.

As for the BrandAsset® Valuator 2018 rankings of the brands seen by the French as most “customer-centric”:

Porsche comes first. This is no surprise given that the brand has always focused on creating a club and community feel. French brands perform better in this area, with Peugeot, Renault and Citroën all ranking highly, and Peugeot even managing to come second.

Once again, Toyota makes the top 10 in this area, suggesting that it has the potential to become the most powerful brand in future.

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