Taking a life is not a victory. Wildlife is not a trophy. Choosing to eliminate life purely out of vanity, pleasure, or ignorance, is choosing to silence our humanity and what makes man good, it is denying that part of us that aspires to empathy and oneness with the world. Every time an animal is shot, whether big or small, whether poached, hunted, trapped or left for dead, it is part of our world that collapses, a part of our ideal that disappears. For the first time, ASPAS pays tribute to those who choose to protect life, those who actively defend it. This campaign portrays men as hunters, standing proudly in front of what look like their hunting trophies. However, the images are an illusion, a closer look reveals that the “hunters” are nothing but walkers, walking stick in hand, happy to have helped a mother give birth to a child. ASPAS will always stand on the side of hope and renewal, on the side of birth and the choice for life. This campaign broadcast in press, outdoor, digital display and PR.

A campaign launched on press, poster, digital outdoor display and social media that reached 34996 people on Facebook in 24 hours and garnered 1872 reactions, comments, and shares. There were 2501 new visitors on the site via the campaign and hundreds of mentions in the press and online nationally. 

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