In the minefield of consumption, Charal wanted to consolidate their role as the meat-market leader by putting the fundamental pleasure of red meat at the heart of their message. In order to do this, we capitalized on a unique selling point of beef and of Charal in particular: Strength. A single motto unifies the whole of our campaign: VIVONS FORT! (Live life to the full!)

To express this message, this incredible force of life, we called on youngsters, but not just anyone. For there is no age limit to living life to the full! Contextualized bumper ads complemented our film shown on TV and in cinemas. Fundamentally, it’s a pleasure to savour a delicious morsel of Charal meat, and we paid tribute to this through a massive 4×3 display campaign. Finally, the new slogan also made it possible to evolve the brand’s social strategy on Facebook..

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