To promote natural gas after 10 years’ absence, improve the brand image in the eyes of the public and explain GRDF’s main role as a committed partner of gas energy, acting in complete accord with natural gas suppliers, we wanted to show that natural gas has never been more suited to meeting people’s aspirations. “We are here” emphasises the discreet but essential role played by natural gas in our daily life. We enter into the understanding of users by focusing on the intimate scenes of daily life that highlight all (or most) of the moments that natural gas, and therefore GRDF, plays in our everyday lives. Through the concept “We are here”, we created a multi-channel approach with multiple messages:
– in press: the benefits of natural gas detailed according to audience (consumers, businesses, local authorities)
– radio: the implementation of equipment solutions for each argument
– web: a playful film allowing the public to learn more about each usage and benefit of natural gas.
Each element of the campaign leads in the direction of the brand’s new all-service website Results (Ipsos Dec 2014)
– Campaign viewed by 2/3 of the French public (67% of the target audience)
– Positive reception: 83% for television and 81% for the radio (above average)
– An influencing effect on the positive perception of natural gas but also on the image of GRDF: through the campaign, 76% judge GRDF as a company that is attentive to wellbeing, 60% as committed to building a sustainable relationship with its customers, (50% as anticipating the expectations and needs of natural gas consumers, 56% as a human enterprise, and 54% as a company that clearly informs of what it does.
– 10 times the number of visitors on the site (1 month after the launch of the campaign)

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