How to introduce Satellite to the public and build a strong brand identity in a crowded jewellery market in which all communications look the same? Satellite, Parisian atelier founded in 1987, is a jewellery label born from the shared passion for travel of its two creators. Thus this “elsewhere” inspired us in the creation of imaginary muses who become the heroines of the campaigns. Through them, we dared to play on the richness of detail and precious materials, the amazing combinations, their refinement and delicacy, their exquisite assemblage and layers. Collection S/S 2015 : The fashion photographer Anoush Abrar captured four Satellite princesses; four beauties, four journeys, four melting pots of urban, Mexican; Japanese, and Berber inspiration. Collection A/W 2015 : Fashion photographer Anoush Abrar shot our fierce and dominating muses as warrior princesses, ambassadors of faraway countries of luxe and glamour: Inouïstan and Sublimésie. The muses show off proudly their impressive collars of jewels in their flagship colours of their imaginary countries. Collection A/W 2016: The women are crowned. Historic, ethnic, and resolutely contemporary, they reign over the communications of the French jewellery label. Their majesties’ crowns are unique creations made by Satellite; inspired by the new collection (photographed by Kiki Xue). Collection S/S 2017: To celebrate their 30 year anniversary, Satellite are organizing a festive banquet. On the table: an overindulgence of jewellery, of stones and chains that crave to devour the muses from elsewhere. All the richness of the S/S ‘17 collection exposes itself here with exuberance and excess.


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