In December 2015, the COP21 United Nations conference on climate change took place in Paris. Oceans play an essential role in climate regulation, yet they were completely forgotten during the event. Y&R Paris and Surfrider Foundation therefore decided to compensate this injustice by making the voice of the ocean heard. Since the beginning of time, the history of humanity has been guided by tides, beyond the sea, the ocean nourishes us and gives us life. The ancients listened to the voice of the sea in shells. Today it will talk to us. No longer via a shell, but through our smartphones. Indeed, in a timeslot devoted to the ocean on RTL2, during the programme ‘Grand Morning’ (6.00 to 9:00 am) the Ocean was the guest of honour. Listeners were invited to “shazam” the sound of the waves to discover the message the ocean needs to deliver to humanity in order to survive. An original way of publicizing the online petition #oceanforclimate. The Ocean wants to speak to us, listen up.

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